Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage: Level One Course

Learn Thai Massage today and provide people with an unmatched massage experience


In this 40-hour course, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of Traditional Thai Massage, including the different massage techniques such as using the thumbs and palms to relax and stretch the muscles. You will learn how to apply these techniques to the entire body to create a relaxing and energizing massage. Our instructors will provide guidance to ensure that you are properly positioned, and working safely on the body.

Who this course is for:

Courses are offered in person in Central New Jersey every six weeks. The next session is Monday, December 26th to Saturday, December 31st.

Overall Objective of the Training:

In this 40-hour course the students will learn Traditional Thai Massage Level 1. The Traditional Thai massage sequence taught is same as taught by TTC Spa School, Chiang Mai Thailand.

Learning Objectives of the Course:

Students will need to pass a multiple choice theory test and would also need to perform the 120 minute supervised massage to get a certificate of having successfully completed the course.

Register for this course

The registration process for the course is a two step process. The first step is to send an email to with the below information
Full Name:
Phone Number (optional):
Are you an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)?
If you are an LMT then from which state board do you have your LMT license?
Do you have any injuries or any health issues or any disability that might require special needs?

Second step
On receipt of your email we will let you know through email if we have vacancy and if we can provide the training to you. In the email we will also provide the information on how the course fees can be paid. On receipt of the course fees we will send you a confirmation email that you have been accepted into the course. The email will also have all the necessary information that you would need to attend the course.


Cancellation Policy

Standard and virtual registrants who need to cancel must do so at least 15 days before the training program start date. Cancellations made at least 15 days before the start of the training, will receive a refund minus a 25 percent administrative fee. Cancellations made less than 15 days before the training program, will not receive a refund.

ADA Policy

Aap Raga Inc. is committed to provide an environment in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We will provide reasonable accommodations and modifications to make our services accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities as long as the required modification does not alter the nature of the service, program or activity. The adjustments required must be requested in a timely manner (at least a month prior to start of the program) and on an individualized and flexible basis.

Grievance Policy

Anyone who has been the subject of sexual misconduct or any other action that violates our policies and code of conduct should report the incident to the Aap Raga company management via email at The report should contain the following information: Your full name; Your email and phone number; The name of the person who the grievance is against; A description of the alleged policy violation; The date and location of the policy violation; Names and contact information of any witnesses with first-hand knowledge of the situation; and, Any other credible evidence that is available to support the grievance. In the interest of fairness and privacy, all reports must be made by the person who has personally experienced the misconduct. Any information provided during a grievance report review will be treated on a confidential basis. The grievance would be reviewed and response given or remedial action taken in a reasonable time frame (around 15 days).

Conflict of Interest Statement

We recognize the importance of teaching the course without any conflict of interest. The course is taught keeping the students best interest in mind. If we have information regarding actual or potential conflicts of interest and any related financial gain then that conflict ofinterest will be disclosed to the students, prior to the course.